Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor

Do you know what a 30-gallon air compressor is? What features do the exceptional 30-gallon air compressors own? Do you know which is the best 30-gallon air compressor? 

You can read this article ahead to explore the answers to these all questions.

Well, air compressors are ideal for performing tons of regular, commercial, and industrial tasks; it is a one-time investment; therefore, it is compulsory to pick a compressor that fulfills all your needs appropriately and serves you for long years.

But all compressors are not of the same size, shape, and type; a few are ideal for small tasks due to their instilled features but many are designed to perform heavy-duty tasks due to their vast capacity, more power, high pressure, and so on.

This article covers the best 30-gallon air compressors that have maximum performance and efficiency, due to their increased project efficiency, they are dedicated to exceptional service. 

My Top Pick…

The market is bombarding with the 30-gallon air compressors, among those all, NorthStar Air compressor is the most leading 30-gallon air compressor of 2021. It is a durable and reliable air compressor that is famous for its top performance for the pneumatic tool. Delightfully, it is powerfully built to last with quality parts.

Do you want to undergo our narrowed list of air compressors? Keep reading the article!

What Are The Benefits Of 30-Gallon Air Compressors Over Others? 

30-gallon air compressors are quite different from others because 30-gallon air compressors are more efficient. Let’s unfold more features of these air compressors.

1.) Versatile Application:

These air compressors have versatile applications as you can use them for your homes as well as industrial purposes. The use of these air compressors is widely increasing in the automotive industry as they make complicated tasks easier; you can also use them at home to inflate cycle, bike tires, and ball, etc.  

2.) Stored Unused Air:

One another amazing benefit of a 30-gallon air compressor is its tendency to store the used air; it dispenses the air when you use it for the next time. In this way, the machine’s start-up time reduces because it already contains the pressurized air inside.

3.) Accomplishes Multiple Tasks:

As these air compressors have more capacity than mini compressors so they deliver immense power for handling a variety of tasks in less time – inflating, mailing, spraying, etc. takes no time. 

These 30-gallon air compressors provide enough power for professionals, so the buyer can use them for all of their tasks.

4.) Easy to Use:

Aside from other features, these 30-gallon air compressors are also easy to use as these are already assembled; all you need to do is plug in them and they are ready to serve you.

Additionally, their pressure gauge is quick to read and they also have a level indicator for oil-lubricated versions.  

What Are The Basic Types Of A 30Gallon Air Compressor? 

Below are two types of 30-gallon air compressors:

1.) Single-Stage:

A single-stage 30-gallon air compressor sucks into the air compressor and presets the pressure by one stroke (the air is compressed one time).

A single-stage air compressor compresses the air to120 PSI and pushes it to the storage tank. Thereafter, it is dispensed and helps to power the pneumatic tools. 

2.) Two-Stage:

Double stage or two-stage compressors power larger power-hungry tools; this way, the air is compressed by two different pistons. The double-pressed air then goes to the tank and gets stored over there. The air compressed by a two-stage 30-gallon air compressor is about 175 PSI. 

These two-stage machines (these air compressors have extra pistons) are more costly than single-stage machines; these dual-stage machines are used for larger and power-hungry tools. 

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor for 2021

This article covers the best 30-gallon air compressors of different popular and reliable brands; these compressors contain high-performance pumps and motors that help in the competition of multiple tasks: small projects and upholstery; 30-gallon air compressors are also great options for home-usage.

You can also blow-cleaning tools, easily take on framing, power some light tools, and even operate most of the industrial machines.

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Ready to jump into our selected 30-gallon products?

Well, don’t forget to get into the comparison table; you can glance through it to get into the quick features of our selected 30-gallon air compressors.

1Industrial Air ILA1683066● Max Pressure:155 PSI
● Warranty: 2 years
Check Price
2NorthStar Air compressor● Power: 1.6 Horsepower
● Voltage: 120 V to 240 V
Check Price
3Quincy QT-7.5● Power: 13 horsepower
● Warranty: 3 years
Check Price
4DEWALT DXCMLA1983054● Weight: 190 pounds
● Pressure: 155 PSI
Check Price
5Porter-Cable PXCMLC● Maximum Pressure: 135 PSI
● Power: 1.6 Horsepower
Check Price
6NorthStar Portable ● Pressure: 24.4 CFM at 90 PSI
● Capacity: 30 gallon
Check Price

Here we go for our top-notch 30-gallon air compressors!

Industrial Air ILA1683066 1.) Industrial Air ILA1683066 – More Power & Higher Efficiency 

The industrial Air ILA1683066 is designed specifically for the completion of heavy-duty tasks, like repairing service trucks or for a livestock operation. The best thing about this compressor is that it comes with synthetic oil and a 2-year warranty.

Key Features:

A typical 30-gallon compressor is our first pick as it is built with cast iron construction that is why it is more durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

The portability of this air compressor further added up to its performance, made with a vertical tank, and at the bottom, there are two pneumatic tires attached to provide ease in movement. 

Along with this, it is safe to use because the motor is protected via a hard roll cage. The dual-voltage heavy-induction motor gives you a trouble-free environment. Stay happy, as the motor also increases the performance of the pump. 

For providing optimum tool performance Industrial Air packed this air compressor with higher PSI and CFM rating. The pump delivers 155 maximum PSI. 

This is fully assembled when it comes, having a Quick-set regulator, quick connect air outlet, and on/off switch for ease of use, and also tank and working pressure gauges.

The motor initially works at 120V but by keeping in mind the nature of the task it also changes and works equally well with 240V. Change the voltage as the strength of the project changed.

  • Dual voltage motor
  • Roll Cage for protection
  • On/off switch for ease
  • None

Final Verdict:

Why wondering more when the Industrial  Air feature-packed product is ready to do your all heavy-duty task. The 3-gallon capacity, dual-voltage motor, easy-to-read gauge, well-protected motor, and other specifications make it the number one among the list of best 30-dollar air compressors.

NorthStar Air compressor2.) NorthStar Air compressor – Well-Designed Yet Heavy-Duty

Cherish yourself with the most durable 30-gallon air compressor which is present in the market with the name Northstar Air compressor. This tank capacity won’t be able to paint the entire car but can be used with the best type of tools, for a smaller household setting, doing more complicated detailing projects, and completing multiple tasks. 

Key Features:

This amazing air compressor is portable within the shop or the garage as its vertical design takes up less space. Although it is an oil-lubricated air compressor, it is easy to operate due to its low maintenance design. The air compressor comes with the dimensions of 26 (L) x 24.5 (W) x 52 (H) inches.

Most oil-lubricated compressors are better at powering heavy-duty tools, and other projects needed more air. Congrats, this air compressor features a 30-gallon vertical tank that is ASME certified which means you can trust this brand without reading any reviews. 

The users who are noise conscious will surely love this machine which is designed with an oil pump, to provide easy working with belt-driven technology. This technology is top-class because it reduces the noise and makes the air compressor the one which runs relatively quiet. 

The main difference between portable Vs. stationary air compressors are their design. This compressor is highly portable due to its smooth tires present on both sides. And the motor is well protected by a roll cage. 

The compressor relies on a 1.6HP motor which provides enough pressure to run any tools smoothly, and efficiently. The high-performance motor and pump, the highest PSI/CFM make it the best, and a versatile air compressor.

  • Provides ease of use
  • Belt-driven air compressor
  • Heavy-duty cast iron cylinder
  • Extended air tool run times
  • No handle

Final Verdict:

You know what different features and specifications make any compressor portable, and best for industrial use. This compressor has pre-attached tires which smoother operations by keeping the pump dynamically balanced. Light up your pocket and grab it now.

Quincy QT-7.53.) Quincy QT-7.5 – More Capacity & More Charm

It is time to introduce you to another 30-gallon air compressor. Quincy QT-7.5 is a pretty standard-size air compressor that is excellent to work with light and medium-duty projects, residential and commercial tasks, and much more.

Key Features:

The heavy-duty induction motor operates at 13-horse power and can produce more compressed air. So guys no need to worry if the project needs more compressed air. Feel free to complete your tasks. 

The motor runs at lower RPM and runs cooler while costing you less. The 30-gallon pump has 50,000 hours of running time before the tank life comes to an end. The highest working hours among all in our list. 

The more CFM and PSI the more will be efficient, producing a maximum PSI of 175.  The pump delivers 160-175 PSI at 90 CFM. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty, double the warranty by purchasing an extra kit. Now the warranty can reach 3-years. Feel free to contact the brand whenever any issue arises.

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The tank is made of durable cast iron, so no worries about rusting or damage from dust -particles. The tank will stay with you for many years, which not only saves money but also enhances its reliability. 

Quincy comes with a ½ ball air valve size, and drain valve to remove excess air which protects the tank from overloading. The engine idles control Honda 100% duty-cycle, and enough working pressure makes it a remarkable product, proudly presented to you by Quincy brand. 

This Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor is not the cheapest one but the classy one, too.

  • Highest HP at 13.1
  • Better power and output
  • Outdoor equipment
  • No rubber feet
  • No wheels either

Final Verdict:

So if you need an air compressor for peak performance level, then Quincy will surely be the best choice. Durable, sturdy, top-class product, with exceptional features to give the best value for the money. Folks what are you waiting for, if PSI, CFM, Design, and HP matter for you then equipped your garage with this beautiful addition.

DEWALT DXCMLA19830544.) DEWALT DXCMLA1983054 – Sturdy & Multitasking

If you are searching for a portable yet durable air compressor that carries all vital specifications for an air compressor, you are at the right place. The color and style of the compressor make it the first choice of many. 

Key Features:

Equipped with a 30-Gallon ASME vertical portable tank is space-efficient and best to work for easy nailing and stapling, good for automotive applications, spray painting tasks, conducting painting projects, and more. 

The cast-iron oil-lubricated pump is best for tough site jobs. The tank produces 150 maximum pressure and delivers a 5.7 CFM rating at 90 PSI and 40 PSI at 7 CFM. The electric air compressor can only be used where you have electricity. 

Alright, want to know more, the Dewalt air compressor has? It contains a two-piece cooling system that helps to not only increase the pump’s service life by dissipating more what but also make it best for small places.

Brands added tires for maximum portability, the same is the case with this machine which has pre-attached pneumatic tires, along with a sturdy carrying handle to make it more portable and easy to push everywhere. 

This product is shipped with synthetic oil, so no need to take the stress of shortage of oil. As it is oil-lubricated you have to clean it from time to time otherwise it may damage. Also, a quick set-regulator for convenience of work is present in his efficient machine.

The dual voltage motor can handle both 120V and 240V and can drive high performance and give trouble-free operation. The choice is yours on which voltage you want to use the motor. Well, it depends on the nature of the task.

  • Cast iron twin cylinders
  • Tires for easy portability
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Pressure gauges are easy to read
  • Come without wheels

Final Verdict:

The Dewalt DXCMLA1983054 air compressor always features heavy-duty construction and offers a relatively larger air capacity. So, no need to worry if your project needs more air pressure. So spend less and enjoy more.

Porter-Cable PXCMLC5.) Porter Cable PXCMLC – Unbeatable Performance & Unparallel Features

If you have a tight budget then go for this air compressor named Porter Cable PXCMLC. The best deal for the money is providing you all that you can get in any other compressor. No need to wonder more when getting all the necessary components at less price. 

Key Features:

This is a single-stage air compressor known as a robust industrial model.  It’s more space-efficient due to its vertical design and unique pump design. 

 A twin-cylinder pump, aluminum head, and valve plate further enhances its durability and make it a long-lasting product to work with just the right amount of air. The 30-gallon tank is excellent to finish nailing/stapling, hobby painting, bolting/fastening, medium-duty framing/roofing projects. 

The heavy-duty 1.6HP motor is a dual voltage motor that is wired for a 120-Volts outlet, and also convertible to 240-Volts applications. The motor and tank together are perfect for operating the tools at their peak performance.

Further, its pre-attached pneumatic wheels assure easy mobility and allow you to take it with you to your job locations. Also, if you got projects somewhere else, then put them in your car back, and start your tasks. 

This air compressor has the lowest PSI of 135. The tank delivers 6.2 CFM at 40 psi and 5.3 CFM at 90 psi. This is a decent amount of airflow so you can easily power any air tool. This machine also has an oil-sight glass so you can view the level of oil without any hindrance.

  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Unbeatable performing
  • Quick and easy use with amazing portability
  • No handle
  • Low PSI

Final Verdict:

Although it has sufficient gallon capacity, one thing to mention must, its low horsepower, which is why it takes a longer time to refill the tank. But who cares when this much budget provides you a beautiful, smaller, portable unit.

NorthStar Portable 6.) NorthStar Portable 

So, hobbyists or workshop enthusiasts, this is your product which is gas-powered to easily take with you everywhere. The cast iron and durably built cylinder and low oil shutdown control for added safety further enhance its performance. It is best to use in home garages, filling inflate toys, and car tires because it is a high-quality air compressor.

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Key Features:

The best air compressor for those who need to work on the go. This device comes with a Honda GX390 OHV engine with electric start/recoil backup, which can be changed easily via a 3AMP battery charging circuit. 

The specialty of this compressor is its 30-gallon ASME-certified horizontal tank which makes it a reliable air compressor that is ideal for DIYers and professionals, for your plasma cutter, and also for the most sandblasting jobs.

The engine works with 12 horsepower and features LVT low vibration technology to balance the pump for longer life and smooth operation. This Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor offers cast iron construction, whose crankcase carries bearings on both sides to give more support to the crankshaft. 

The V-style cylinder helps to keep it cools, along with improving cooling and Swedish floating-style valves which increase its long service life.  The durable and efficient pump runs at 1,300 RPM. 

This versatile air compressor has a flywheel for cooler operation, due to which the compressor works well in below-freezing environments, as it has higher cold temperature tolerance.

The 30-gallon belt-driven air compressor has liquid -filled pressure gauge, oil-level monitoring glass, so you can easily see if the oil level is running out. This is surely the best feature; isn’t it?

  • Maximum PSI of 175
  • Enclosed metal belt guard
  • Meets all safety requirements
  • Break your bank

Final Verdict:

Equipped with a high-performance pump this will be your best friend for years. We don’t think you want to miss this product which is one of the highest-ranked in the industry. You need to spend more if you want a high-quality air compressor with several unique features.

Ultimate Buying Guide for Buying a 30-Gallon Air Compressor:

1.) Horsepower Isn’t something Negligeable

It does not have a direct effect on the performance of air compressors, however, it is necessary to consider. Because of the 30-gallon size, the tank takes more time to refill with compressed air. Higher horsepower means the tank will fill quickly. Most 30-gallon compressors have 1.5 to 3.5HP horsepower. A peak of 1.9 horsepower will surely make an air compressor the best.

2.) PSI also Matters

PSI will help you to choose the best 30-gallon air compressor, either single-stage or two-stage. Two-stage has more PSI rating, check the air tool specifications before making an actual purchase. If your air tool has a blowgun delivering 5. 7 CFM at 90 PSI, or 2.5 CFM at 90 PSI, then you should go for a 90 PSI rating. For single-stage air compressors, the maximum PSI is 125 to 155 PSI and for two-stage air compressors, it should be between 125 to 175.

3.) Size and Shape of Air Compressor

This simply means how easily you can store the air compressor or take it from place to place. Both horizontal, and vertical compressors are present in the market, see the floor space, and choose one. The basic difference between these two is the amount of space they occupy.

This is a known fact that vertical shape air compressors take up less space, and wheels also help them to transport. You can store horizontal shapes under the desks or worktables. They are heavier, so it is not easy to move them.

4.) Less Noise – More Adorable

Like all other machines, air compressors also make noise. Air compressors with more noise are irritating as hell. They also make the working environment stressful. So, we suggest you go for those which create less noise in the work environment. Most of our listed air compressors are providing quiet operation at 78 dBA. 

5.) Oil or Oil-free Tanks – What to Pick?

Two types of air compressors are available for sale: oil or non-oil lubricated. The name tells the story, oil-free does not need oil while an oil-Lubricated two-stage pump needs to have oil after regular intervals of usage. There is no need for the oil separators in the compressor when it is made of Teflon coating.

An inter filter comes with compressors to maintain the oil. Oil-less needs less maintenance, while you have to clean the oil-lubricated air compressors after every project. Get your air compressor knowledge first, and then choose an eco-friendly oil-free air compressor. Lighten up your pocket and pick one which is though expensive, but the best one.

Wrapping Up:

It is hard to mention how valuable 30-gallon air compressors are; it is perfect for all inflation tasks, HVLP painting, cutting/drilling; in short, a 30-gallon air compressor is safer to run the household and industrial applications.

So, this article intends to highlight the importance and features of 30-gallon air compressors; moreover, shortens your curve of searching for the best 30-gallon air compressor.

In the end, which product you have to pick depends upon your choice; for sure, our buying guide will also assist you a lot in this respect. 

From now on many of your manual tasks are going to shift to these powerful 30-gallon air compressors and the burden of your shoulders is going to be reduced.

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